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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hollie Writes About the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup Match for Bronze

It all began when I walked through the gates and into the fan zone, what an exciting experience.

“Ahhh, its really Stan Walker!” I screamed. when I walked in I was dancing every where and I went spastic.

I was squished because there were thousands of people in the fan zone, but I thought there was going to be way more people.

The best part was that I got to touch Stan Walker’s hand and be on the bid screen.

“O.M.G this is such an AWESOME experience, I wish I could be on stage with him, this is so cool!” I kept saying.

“Wales, Wales, Wales!” Everybody was cheering for Wales when the game started, any way, I wondered who was going to come third in the rugby world cup? I’d hoped it was the Welsh, but sadly they did not win, Australia did - which I thought was a shame. We all felt like deflated balloons because the Welsh had lost and I was hoping they were going to win. The Welsh lost by three points but they played a good game.

I wonder if Wales will beat Australia in four more years time in the next Rugby World Cup. Well, I hope they do!


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