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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hollie Writes About the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup Match for Bronze

It all began when I walked through the gates and into the fan zone, what an exciting experience.

“Ahhh, its really Stan Walker!” I screamed. when I walked in I was dancing every where and I went spastic.

I was squished because there were thousands of people in the fan zone, but I thought there was going to be way more people.

The best part was that I got to touch Stan Walker’s hand and be on the bid screen.

“O.M.G this is such an AWESOME experience, I wish I could be on stage with him, this is so cool!” I kept saying.

“Wales, Wales, Wales!” Everybody was cheering for Wales when the game started, any way, I wondered who was going to come third in the rugby world cup? I’d hoped it was the Welsh, but sadly they did not win, Australia did - which I thought was a shame. We all felt like deflated balloons because the Welsh had lost and I was hoping they were going to win. The Welsh lost by three points but they played a good game.

I wonder if Wales will beat Australia in four more years time in the next Rugby World Cup. Well, I hope they do!


Shay Remembers the Rugby World Cup

The Road to Winning the Cup

I was so excited the cup was here, and I was confident in the All Blacks. I knew they would win it for New Zealand. I was sitting on the couch for kick off. The opening ceremony was great and magical.

Oh no! Dan Carter had got an injury, who would step up and kick for the All Blacks? Piri Weepu came to the rescue and got all of his kicks in - Thank goodness for Piri Weepu. Thanks Piri!

Next New Zealand versed Australia as they fought it out for a place in the final and guess who won. The score was 20 to 6. The All Blacks had won a place in the finals. Go the All Blacks!

Then it was the All Blacks versing the French as they gave it everything they had. It was intense in the first half and then the All Blacks beat the French by 1 point.

The All Blacks finally got there. The gold! Thanks to Stephen Donald getting the conversion and Tony Woodcock getting the try. Then it was time for Richie McCaw to hold the Webb Ellis cup and the All Blacks made their country proud of them.

The last time the All Blacks won the cup was in 1987. The captain was David Kirk. It was so very cool and awesome for the All Blacks to hold it again. Go Black!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Save the Kakapo

We have been reading "Meet the Kakapo" by Maggie Lilleby. It inspired Lana to create this poster.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sage's Recount

Today a lady from St Johns came to our school to teach us CPR.

First Mrs McEwen was chosen to be her test dummy laying on the ground. Then olivia showed us how to attend to the person when they are unconscious. She told us we were going to do VPR on a rubber dummy and that we had to get into groups of five. Jesse and I got together as fast as the speed of light.

The first thing we had to do was check for danger so we don't get hurt, we had to check if the person (or dummy) was breathing, if not then you do CPR to keep them alive until an ambulance gets there.

When we got to blow in the dummy's mouth to give it oxygen I blew so hard that its chest went up and down. I felt so excited when I learned all of the information so I can save peoples lives, and it is so important too.

Tatiana's St Johns Recount

On Wednesday morning after morning tea my whole class went to go and learn first aid with St Johns. When we got there we sat on the mat and met a girl called Olivia. She was there to teach us CPR and first aid. First she told us what we were going to do. Then she showed us the doctor's ABC, the chart looked like this:

D anger
R esponse
S end for help
A irway
B reathe
Danger stands for looking for danger. Response stands for seeing if the person is OK. Send for help is call 111. Airway is to help the person breathe.

After that she showed us how to do it on a real person, and that real person was my teacher. After she showed it to us we had to partner up so we could do it. My partner was Sophie A.

St Johns had special mannequins for us to learn CPR on. The mannequins were special because you could breathe air into them. So after Olivia showed us what to do with the mannequins we got into groups of five. It was so nerve racking for me because the mannequin looked freaky.

When we finished the CPR I was so happy because I know what to do when there is an accident.

Fazeel's St Johns Recount

Today we met olivia from St Johns. She taught us how to do CPR and when to use it and how many times to do it.

She told us what DRSABC stands for. D is for danger, R is for response, S, send for help. A is for airway, B for breathing and C is for CPR.

Olivia had dummies for us to practise CPR on. We had to tip the dummies heads right back so the airway was clear. The airway is where we breathe from, when someone is not breathing thats when we do CPR. You have to sing row, row, row your boat two times because thats the speed that you have to do CPR, then you blow into their mouth twice. You need to do that until the ambulance arrives. CPR is when you push down on the middle of the person's chest to keep the blood pumping from their heart to their brain until the ambulance gets there.

It was fun to learn something so important and one day I will be able to use this experience to help someone in need.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Te Reo

Jade, Jessica and Anjali made this movie to show what they have been learning in Te Reo. First they needed to learn the phrases, then they needed to create a keynote and export it as a quicktime movie. We think they have done an awesome job.